New Pro trust and anxiety

How to gain your user's trust to make them get back to your app?

New Pro trust and anxiety


  • Validate “lack of trust” or anxiety as factors for drop-offs
  • Identify the biggest factors causing lack of trust or anxiety Parts of the app External factors
  • Identify counter-factors that help build trust and overcome anxiety
  • Identify potential touch-points for us to intervene and leverage the counter-factors
  • Understand the impact of human touch on trust

Data we had already

Research Plan

Method Target audience  
  • Pros who signed up recently
Open ended interviews
  • Pros who signed up recently
    • Onboarding not started
    • Stuck in onboarding
    • Onboarding completed
    • Activated but haven’t worked
    • Worked gigs

Insights (Survey and Open ended Interviews)

  • A lot of pros seemed to have chosen ‘took a leap of faith’, which showed high intent in professionals.
  • Most professionals who have spoken to someone (pro or support/ops), mostly show more trust in the platform.
  • A lot of pros who sign up are new to working gigs as a lot (more than 40% in both cohorts) have responded that they have neither worked at a staffing agency nor with a gig platform.
  • Professionals pointed out that the Onboarding process was straightforward but was quite long.
  • When asked what is the most important factor for an app to gain the trust of newly signed up professionals, respondents mostly asked for ample legitimate job opportunities in their locations.
  • Other common responses included privacy, higher pay, instant communication with support, helping professionals with a guide for using the app, etc.
  • Few respondents mentioned incentives when asked what professionals liked more in other job platforms that Instawork should do well in.
  • Secondary Research - Indeed has a variety of jobs nearby and a variety of shifts. There is also pay bonuses for the amount of gigs you sign up for I.e. after completing 3 gigs in a week, you will receive $100 bonus. This gives professionals the incentive to continue to book gigs within their app. Indeed Flex also partners with companies to provide professionals discounts for gas, healthcare, more flexibility, etc.
  • Other common responses included higher pay, instant pay, and more local job opportunities.


  • Referral Bonuses were revamped to encourage existing professionals to attract newer professionals to the app.
  • It was noted that most professionals were eager to look for job in the platform and the long onboarding process were one major issue for anxiety and trust.
  • The Onboarding process was requested to be revamped by showing gigs upfront.
  • Showing gigs upfront helped in reviving the rate of professionals finishing onboarding and booking shifts by more than 40% over the next two months.