Usability test - Showing gigs upfront to new pros

Prototye Testing of a shorter Onboarding flow

Usability test - Showing gigs upfront to new pros


  • To test out the changes made in the onboarding flow for showing gigs/shifts upfront to newly signed up professionals.

Research Plan


  • Prototye Testing - Testing Prototype using Userbob, a usability test platform was used.



Userbob Testing panel

Cohort 1 - Professionals with prior warehouse experience

Cohort 2 - Professionals with prior hospitality experience


Cohort 1

  • Everyone goes for entry-level gigs first (even after scrolling down and seeing the skilled positions)
  • Many of them don’t click the higher paying gigs at all ,but this could be biased by the cohort.
  • Unclear if these shifts are one-off or recurring, how flexible the schedule is really
  • The prototype didn’t show any multi-day gigs, so it was added for the next cohort

Cohort 2

  • Unclear how the schedule is - one-off vs recurring shifts how flexible is the schedule really?
  • Multi-day tag is a little confusing, as the shift is shown under a particular date, and the total pay is per shift
  • Checked out the details of a few gigs before deciding to book
  • Filter by pay, long-term
  • A couple of people got excited by the entry-level gigs, missed the higher-paying ones (after activation for entry-level gigs, it becomes even less visible)
  • “Applying to a position” vs “Booking a gig” is still not clear?
  • UI is not inviting - no colors