Understanding New User Behaviour and Intent - Meesho

Understanding users intent to join the Meesho app and factors that can lead to anxiety towards using the app and placing an order.

Understanding New User Behaviour and Intent - Meesho

Problem Statement

Meesho’s new users (resellers) are signing up and 90% of these users are not placing their first order. Understanding users intent to join the Meesho app and factors that can lead to anxiety towards using the app and placing an order. This can help the team to build solutions that can help users to feel more empowered to use the app and start their journey of entrepreneurship with Meesho.

Project Scope

This case study seeks to propose a suitable and actionable solution to new resellers to make purchases on the Meesho app by understanding their intent and behaviour.

Who are these New Users?

Meesho’s user-base encompasses women in Tier II and III cities, along with rural areas who intend to be financially independent or see themselves as micro-entrepreneurs.

Assumptions/Hypothesis based on Problem Analysis

User-centred questions/assumptions: These should be driven by user needs, preferences, behaviours, and pain points; and more about “the why.”

  • Why are these users joining Meesho?
  • Were they involved in any small business of their own before?
  • Do these women have their own smartphones?
  • If max users don’t have their own smartphones, through whose phone do they access Meesho? Is there someone who is helping them to use the app?
  • Do these women feel safe using the app or do they have questions around its legitimacy?
  • How easily do the users trust the app before sharing their personal details (phone number, location, bank details, etc)
  • Language - Do these women understand or are able to read English at all? Based on regions from where most new resellers are signing up, how many regional languages should be on Meesho?
  • Who are these reseller’s customer base? Is it just friends and family, or do they have a customer base beyond these personal connections?
  • Are these resellers clear about the items they want to resell?

Product-focused questions/assumptions: These may be more product and business focused.

  • Are these users tech-savvy enough?
  • Are the users able to understand each feature of the app and what it is offering?
  • How many items did they check out and share?
  • Were they able to find the items they wanted to resell?
  • Do these items have enough pictures? Do these items come with a proper description?
  • Was the app working seamlessly on their phone?
  • How much can these users contribute to Meesho’s business goals even if a user places an order once? (May not be important for the current project)

UX Research Study — Plan


Title: Understanding new users behaviour and intent for those who have signed up but haven’t placed their first order and might drop off.

Author: Tamalika Chatterjee, User Researcher, tamalika2605@gmail.com

Stakeholders: Jane Doe, Product Manager
John Doe, Designer Date: 02/05/2022

Project background: Understanding users intent to join the Meesho app and factors that can lead to anxiety towards using the app and placing an order.

Research goals: Find pain points in the user experience. Get insights and find solutions to solve those pain points.

Research questions: Keeping 4 to 5 essential research questions specific to the problem will be a solid step to start.

Why did you join Meesho? Where did you hear about Meesho? Have you tried out any similar platform or app before? What do you do for a living? Have you ever had a small business? Were you able to find every article that you were looking for in stock?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) KPIs for reaching our research goals Time on task Conversion rates Customer Satisfaction


Initial cold calls through Customer Support executives to understand the user pain-points or doubts, possibly help users to get around the app Open-ended interviews with the users previously reached out to by the CS folks to understand user intent and behaviours better

Location of Study - New User locations from Tier II and III cities, and rural India

Date - 05/05/2022

Number of Participants - For Interview - Depending on type of responses while talking to CS executives Participants

Targeted Participants - Cohorting based on age will define participants’ needs to use Meesho 20 - 30 - College students or fresh out of college and want to do something of their own. Finds meesho as a platform to start their e n 30 - 40 - Home-makers who are active on social media in their free-time and think about leveraging the platform as a source of income. 40 and 50 - Home-maker or once entrepreneurs who want to get back to business. May not be tech-savvy.

Incentive - Planned based on the duration of the interviews (when opting for user interviews as a study methodology) For Interview - 50% discount on their next order, thus making users have a greater margin for profit and motivation to place a larger order


The script can be translated in different regional languages for having a smoother conversation with the users for getting better insights

Intro Hey , this is Tamalika from the Meesho app team. How're you doing today?

I am calling with respect to the previous conversation you had with . I would like to thank you for taking your time out and have this call with me for further feedback on your experience.

We value your time so as a token of our thanks we would like to give a 50% discount on your next order, thus helping you to have a greater margin for profit next time.

This conversation is only for research purposes. There are no right or wrong answers of course… we’re only interested in learning what works for you and what doesn’t. So please feel free to be fully honest and add as many details as you like. Does that sound ok?

Great! Before we start, is it ok if I record this conversation?

Thank you!

Asking General Questions

General questions to understand the user persona

I would love to get to know you a bit. So what do you do?

What does your daily schedule look like?

What do you do when you are not working (can be household chores, etc)?

How active are you on social media platforms?

Do you have your own smartphone? Are you comfortable using it ?

How many members are there in your family?

Who is the breadwinner in the family?

Related to User Intent

How did you come to know about Meesho?

What motivated you to join our platform?

Have you ever used any similar platform before?

Did you have questions in your mind about Meesho when you were signing up on the platform?

Are you comfortable using the English language ? Did you get your regional language option for reading through the app?

Do you remember any particular step while signing up where you got confused?

Were you able to use the app properly on your own?

If user needed assistance

Who helped you out?

What were you not able to understand?

Did you or your had to search or follow any guide for using the app?

Were you able to find what you were looking for?

Can you share your experience from sharing items to placing orders?


Do you still have any questions or hesitations about anything in the app in particular?

Thanks for sharing that. I’ll pass this on to the team as well.

And like I mentioned earlier, we’ll be sending you a 50% discount on your next order. You should get this by email by the end of this week.

Have a great day!


Based on Meesho’s target users, a few personas have been created through interviews and background studies,

Analysis and Actionable Insights

  • Giving Language a priority - When users download an app, the first thing that they should find is the ability to choose their regional language.
  • Educating through videos - Most users, especially our focused group here may not Google about us before downloading our app. Even though these women would sign up mostly through word-of-mouth and referrals from their friends or family, there is still a chance that they can have a certain anxiety in them. Providing a few screens/pop-ups of Meesho’s success stories and how it empowers people to become micro-entrepreneurs by staying at home can help cut down the anxiety.
  • Empowering through a Guide - Our target group includes people from rural areas who fall under the age group of 40 to 50. There can be chances that these women may not have proper ideas around using an app or handling orders. Given the fact that Meesho wants to empower everyone and provide equal opportunity for everyone on their path to financial independence, providing a guide through the app (voice and textual instructions) can help people learn to use the app properly and hence help in handling order.
  • Tutorial Videos and Proper FAQs - A user may skip through the first-time guide while getting started with the app. Tutorial videos and proper FAQs should always be provided at the top of the list for users when they click on the ‘Account’ section of the app.
  • Providing well-trained CS executives as their help - There can not be anything more trust-worthy for a user than having a human touch. Getting a well-trained and informed CS executive team can help users to build more trust in the app. A CS team that not only sends tutorial videos as a solution, but calls back and listens to users’ problems and helps them place an order or share products is what’s gonna top a user’s experience.
  • Leveraging Referrals and revamping bonuses - As our main targets are women from tier 2,3, and rural areas referral through a known person still remains the best way to cut down user anxiety. Increasing referral bonus (can be discounts, cashback, etc) and spreading the word about revamped bonus can be something worth giving a shot.