Long-Term Assignments (LTA) - Pro Work Scheduling and Commitment

Is it better to work long-term or one-off shifts?

Long-Term Assignments (LTA) - Pro Work Scheduling and Commitment


  • This particular round of interviews for LTA was conducted to dig deeper into questions surrounding the kind of jobs professionals would prefer more (Long-term or one-off) and how professionals end up fixing their work schedule.
  • The interviews were also conducted with the intention of knowing the kind of partners professionals would feel committed to and for how long.
  • Transition from multi-day shift to Long-term assignment opportunity.

Research Plan


Professionals based on their number of shifts worked with a partner.

Later, the list was revamped based on professionals who were working regularly with the top 10 partners for a long time.

Research Methodology

  • Interviews through Calendly Scheduling and Zoom

  • Cold calling based on time-zones for the revamped list for more interviews and better chances of getting insights


  • Professionals seemed to have been working with the same partner for a long term but not regularly. These professionals work one or two days a week with the partner for months.
  • When asked about the partner a professional would prefer to commit to for a long time, professionals mostly mentioned good management and leadership from the partner end as one the main reasons.
  • Other reasons for professionals to work on long-term assignments with a partner include pay and location. Professionals seemed to appreciate if the partner was providing proper meals and breaks in between work.
  • Most professionals fix their schedules weekly, though some professionals plan their work for a month too.
  • The factors professionals keep in mind while planning their work other than having jobs with another business included family time, school time, and health-related appointments.
  • While few professionals said they preferred one-off shifts, most professionals seemed to be preferring long term shifts.
  • Professionals who preferred LTA as they feel they can gather better experience when they work long-term. The idea of having a mode of income for the next few weeks or months give them a sense of security. Also, pros seemed to like building a good rapport with the leadership at partner.
  • The professionals who preferred one-off shifts mentioned as they like to keep doors to newer opportunities open.
  • Professionals repeatedly mentioned about not getting proper training from the partners for multi-day shifts.
  • Few professionals mentioned getting hiring opportunities for permanent positions from partners.


  • The LTA shifts were curated and was proposed to 20 top regular partners by AMs.
  • LTA shifts were launched with a minimum of 4 months to provide professionals a sense of security, as long as they are regular to work.
  • Training shifts, another new lane of shifts, were proposed and currently in production was proposed for educating and getting professionals onboarded to LTA.
  • Temp-to-Hire shifts, was ideated for getting professionals interested in permanent positions to get hired.